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Microdose is a practice of consuming very low, sub-hallucinogenic doses of a psychedelic substance. We test every ultra-light gears based on this principle and introduce you the most creative cottage brands in the world.

Microdose是一種經由超低劑量的方式,來測量致幻物質對於精神及行為上造成的影響與改變。 透過反覆測試超輕量裝備的性能與表現,我們支持並引進世界各地的小規模經營、新創、輕量化獨立品牌。

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JoeSoul (2020)

Throwback to 2012, we went for a hike to a Rukai tribe “Kucapungane”(好茶村) in Taiwan. By following the steps of the local Rukai guide, tracking the path of predecessors. This trail led us into the zone, the beginning point where we felt connected with the land.As gear geeks, our passion is searching for an easier way to explore outdoor, have more fun in adventure.We believe being lighter is the solution to see behind walls, go deeper into the unknown. We’re hikers just like you.