Upcycled Series : [ Microdose40A® ] Remake 5-Panel Cap 五分割帽




Room40A® 為fhaione於2001年創立的解構再製品牌,一針一線拆解、再製版、手工縫製來賦予被汰舊的產品第二次生命。加入了輕量化插扣、繩扣,反光鬆緊繩等元素,沒有一款帽子的配色或花紋是重複的。

Reducing the environmental impact of design and production processes has always been a focal point for us.

Room40A® is the deconstructed / reconstructive brand founded by fhaione in 2001.
Each product is meticulously taken apart, reconfigured, and hand-sewn to give a second life into discarded items.

Through fhaione’s unique aesthetic and design perspective, by deconstructing and utilizing vintage 90s-00s water-resistant windbreakers, down vests, and surf shorts sourced by our friend from the US vintage stores over the years.

These are transformed into short brim five panels caps. Combining materials such as lightweight buckles, cord adjusters, and reflective shock cords, each cap features unique colorways and prints, making each one one-of-a-kind.